Since we don't have the property available, we will discount your trip 10%, if you choose to waitlist.  A $400 trip will save you $40.  Virtually every time weíve waitlisted a property, it has become available for use. 

   In the event the guest cancels the waitlist prior to being notified that the unit is available, there is no charge.

   We ask for a $20 deposit to waitlist as many properties as you'd like. In the event you book the unit when it becomes available, the $20 goes toward booking costs.  The only way one loses the $20 fee is if the property becomes available and you donít book it. 

   We canít trust everyone to pay us if the property becomes available and they donít book it, so we ask for the $20 up front.  We will waitlist the property for you.  After notification of availability, you will have 5 business days to make up your mind whether to book or not.  The unit will be held for you.

  It is allowed to book several unit types and resorts for the same dates.  For example you can waitlist both studio and 1 bedroom units for two resorts, 4 waitlists altogether, all for 1 deposit.  If more than one becomes available on one day, you only needs to book one to avoid charges.  In the case of multiple waitlists, it is important to cancel the remaining ones immediately to avoid fees if the other properties become available.  We will automatically cancel the remaining waitlists to avoid such fees.


Wait List

If your reservation cannot immediately be confirmed at your choice of VI Resort location, you may request to be placed on the Wait List. When a match occurs, you will be contacted by phone or email.

No fee will be charged at the time of your wait list request. Members are not limited in number of requests, either by unit size or date range. If your Wait List request is confirmed, you will only be charged the normal Reservation Booking Fee. If you choose not to accept the Wait List match, you will be charged a $20 Decline Fee.




Contact us and tell us what days and unit types you want waitlisted.  You can waitlist as many as you want for one $20 deposit.

PAYPAL us $20 at ricksbuys@gmail.com.

We call VI and enter your request.

If you find other accommodations before the wait list fills, e-mail or call us and we will cancel your waitlist and send you back the $20.

If the time comes available and you don't book it, VI charges us $20 so you forfeit your $20 deposit.

If you book the reservation, the $20 applies toward your reservation and you also get the discount above.

If the date of the reservation is reached and the waitlist never fills, we don' get charged anything and we refund your $20 deposit.



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