OWNERSHIP: These condominiums are weekly only rentals on an exchange program with Vacation Internationale (VI).  They are affiliated with either RCI or Interval International (II).  They are fully stocked vacation rentals timeshare condominiums, not hotel rooms.  Typically VI and other timeshare companies own several units within a complex.  There is on site or at times staff very close by to take care of any needs you may have.  If you rent from us, you will be treated the same as if you were the timeshare owner. 


DEPOSIT:  We are responsible for the unit so we take a refundable deposit.  The deposit ranges from $100 to $300 and is refunded within 3 days of departure.  It takes at least two days for our account to be charged with any damages.  In our over 20 years of ownership plus all the times weíve rented it to others, no one has ever been charged.  The deposit is for damage, not cleaning.  You may leave the unit as you would leave a hotel room.  The check in sheet youíll receive on arriving simply asks that you put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start it.


AVAILABILITY:  There are 30,000 timeshare owners that can book any of these units at any time.  A good percentage of people who wait to book and call us back, even a short time later find the units they want booked. 


SECURITY:   Since there are so many scams out there, the following information is meant to assure you that you are dealing with someone reputable.  I am a Real Estate Associate Broker in Seattle, Washington and have been since 1977.  My PAYPAL address is ricksbuys@gmail.com.  You will see that I am a Verified and Premier member.  Click here to confirm.  You can confirm with PAYPAL that this status isnít given to account holders who have had any fraudulent activity or complaints.  It requires very detailed financial background checks to be able to take credit cards as well.  Our website is http://www.gotohigherground.com/.  It takes 100's of hours to put together this website.  We advertise on several vacation rental websites, including Trip Advisor, Vacation Timeshare Rentals, Vacation Rentals Galore and the Vacation Bug.  These sites do background checks as well prior to approving the ads.  Trip Advisor also provides feedback from my prior guests.  If you contact us, weíll provide you with links to confirm.  If you are still unconvinced, it may be best to rent directly from a hotel.  Rick's Facebook account is rickdrose@gmail.com where you will find photos with plenty of Ricks' friends you could contact if you felt Rick misrepresented or cheated you in any way. 


RATES:  All the rate schedules are posted above.  There are no hidden fees or taxes.  THE RATES ARE ALL-INCLUSIVE.



Direct deposit into Chase or BECU.

Checks:  They will need to clear prior to the reservation being confirmed.  (Donít try to scam us with fake cashierís checks; we already have over $50,000 of them and were not fooled.)

PAYPAL   ricksbuys@gmail.com.

Major Credit Cards by telephone.  You will be provided with our phone number when we respond to your e-mail.   


    PAYPAL by credit card - please add 3%.

    MASTERCARD and VISA - please add 2.5%.

    MASTERCARD, VISA (Reward cards and business cards) and American Express-  Please add 4%.


REFUNDS:  We are sorry but we canít offer refunds because when we book these exchanges, they are non-refundable, non-cancelable to us.  Itís similar to an airline ticket.  However, you can sublet, (let someone else use your unit).  If you have concern that youíd need to cancel, either purchase travel insurance or book with a company that can cancel your reservation for you.  We pay non-refundable fees for these discounted rentals and rent to you at very discounted rates compared to owners that offer full refunds.


PROCEDURE:    We will call and confirm that the unit is available.  Then you can make payment using one of the three choices and notify us of your payment.  We will immediately make the reservation in your name. 


GENERAL:  Units are never pre-assigned.  All the interior of the units owned by a timeshare company within a resort tend to be very similar in condition and amenities.  Please note that timeshare companies donít own entire complexes but rather units within a complex.   There may be owner owned and rented units in the same complex that may be superior and clearly there are ones that are inferior so be aware of that when you read reviews.

VI does not have resort information on these exchange properties so we have provided links to RCI and or II as well as a Google link to the resort which will provide you with maps, resort information, reviews, local attractions, as well as other information that you may find useful.  The exchange company websites we provided will provide you with the most accurate view of what the interior of the units affiliated with them will look like.  It is important to us that you are satisfied with your resort and your unit, so please spend at least a few minutes reading about the resort.  We have no reason to believe that the condition of any of these resorts is substandard in any way.  There is no nightly maid service.